Schlumberger WS Duri


Schlumberger is a leading provider of technology and services to the energy industry across the world. Throughout much of the oil and gas lifecycle, Schlumberger designs, develops, and delivers technology that transforms how work is done. Our client is Schlumberger Indonesia, which is located at Duri, Riau. In this project, we’re helping Schlumberger to design their official merchandise item including t-shirt, jacket, sling bag, and patch. The idea is to communicate their brand identity for their employee.


Official merchandise is commonly associated with the boring-company-shirt identity. This identity is basically related with the company’s design including logo, font, and color. This phenomenon sometimes makes office workers only able to wear those items in particular office events. Thus, in this project we were discussing and identifying visual identities that represent Schlumberger’s merchandise as the main interaction for the office worker to wear at any occasion. The main idea was to make an aesthetic wearable t-shirt with Schlumberger iconic’s item. The design process starts with a question about what kind of iconic item that expresses Schlumberger as a company. 

Operating in the oilfield services provider means to operate heavy duty equipment such as trucks. Thus, we tried to sketch the most iconic CPT-372, a Double-Pump Cement Truck that provides high-pressure pumping services. The truck logo aims to promote remarkable equipment that is involved in every working day. The development of the design itself was oriented in the idea of something ordinary and inspired by the famous Deux ex Machina design. So, we came up with the solution to promote remarkable and unique designs for Schlumberger official merchandise by puting their CPT-372 as the main logo with certain colors.